We take our responsibility to keep your data secure extremely seriously. All communication between your device and ChartMogul is encrypted using SSL.


Your password is encrypted and never stored in our database in a readable/unencrypted format. You are responsible for choosing a strong password and keeping it secret.

Employee access

We will only access your account to respond to support requests, and seek your consent before proceeding. The exception is if there is suspected abuse or an urgent security reason.

API keys

There are different security measures depending on the billing system you connect to ChartMogul:

  • Stripe users benefit from the Connect with Stripe button which hands us a read-only key which can be revoked from within your Stripe account.
  • Braintree can be configured to provide a read-only API key. We strongly recommend following these instructions during setup.

Credit cards

ChartMogul does not process or store any credit card details belonging to your customers or yourself. If you pay for one of our paid plans using your credit card then your payment is processed by a third party, PCI compliant payment processor. Your card details are never transmitted through or stored on ChartMogul.