Announcing Mogul I/O

Join industry leaders as we share how subscription businesses can drive predictable business growth.

The consumerization of enterprise software is a trend that we at ChartMogul are proud to be part of. In fact, we probably wouldn’t have started ChartMogul if it wasn’t for this trend — the old school world of enterprise software just doesn’t get us excited (sorry, SAP). But there is one thing that can get a bit lost in this shift toward self-service, cloud-delivered software, and that is the face-to-face human interaction.

Meeting customers in person used to be a necessity to close a deal. That’s no longer the case. But meeting people in real life is critical for nurturing relationships. This is why we believe that events are more important than ever, and why we’ve been sponsors and attendees of SaaStr Annual and SaaStock conferences since their inception. These conferences are simply great places for the SaaS community (and by proxy, a large number of our customers) to come together under one roof.

So we’ve always been passionate about community and about events, and over the past year we’ve been thinking about what we could bring to the table if we were to put something on ourselves.

I’m very excited to announce the launch of Mogul I/O. Mogul I/O is a series of events focussed entirely on helping subscription businesses drive predictable business growth. The program will feature more general topics, as well as parts that are hyper-focussed for users of ChartMogul; e.g., we’ll be sharing our product roadmap.

Where and when?

We’ve confirmed our first two events, which will take place during April in San Francisco and New York. We’ll then follow with events in London and Berlin (our home base) later in the year.

  • San Francisco – April 12 at 6 PM PT
  • New York – April 18 at 6pm ET
  • London – May 29th at 6pm GMT+1
  • Berlin – June 6th at 6pm CEST

Many thanks to our event partners Autopilot and Honey, who are helping us host the SF and NY events.

The program will be a mix of keynotes, panels and networking over food and drinks. We have a great lineup of speakers, including folks from Autopilot, Typeform, Mobilize, Algolia, Insight Venture Partners, Movable Ink, Vestwell and Honey. I’ll also be joining the lineup representing ChartMogul.

This is just the beginning!

The plan is for Mogul I/O to become a regular series of events. How exactly it will evolve we’re not quite sure yet, but we’re super excited to be hosting these first few. We hope you can make it to one of them, and we look forward to meeting you in person very soon!

Nick Franklin

CEO, ChartMogul