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Announcing our Second Seed Investment

As was reported earlier by Venture Beat, we have just closed our second round of investment.

The amount is $900,000, which brings the total outside investment raised to date to $1.5M.  The round was led by our existing lead investor Point Nine Capital.   Point Nine have been a fantastic partner to us over the past eight months, so we couldn’t be more happy to be deepening our partnership with the Best Seed Stage Investor in Europe.

Existing investors Michael Hansen and Tom James also participated in the funding round, along with some lovely new folks:

We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome these new backers to the ChartMogul family.

“In the early days at Zendesk we would spend many hours in Excel trying to get to the sorts of answers that ChartMogul gives you at the click of a button.  ChartMogul is solving a real problem that all growth-focussed SaaS and subscription businesses face; making sense of their data and then using that insight to help make smart decisions to accelerate growth and improve customer retention.”

– Alexander Aghassipour, Founder & Chief Product Officer at Zendesk

We launched ChartMogul on Product Hunt back in December, and closed our first seed round shortly afterwards.  Since then we’ve been innovating at a fast pace, adding features such as cohort analysismultiple data connections, the Metrics API and ChartMogul v2.   We’re really fortunate to have had hundreds of great businesses choose ChartMogul, including brands like Typeform, Pipedrive, Pivotal Tracker, Nitro, Exposure, Flow and hundreds more…this makes the work we do and the whole journey possible so we’re insanely lucky and grateful.

We’ll use the investment to continue working towards our mission of building the best product and service in the world for helping subscription businesses measure, understand and grow their revenue.

One of my favourite VC bloggers, Tomasz Tunguz, wrote recently about the increasing frequency of Second Seed rounds, so we’re happy to be reinforcing this trend.

Nick Franklin

CEO, ChartMogul