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Announcing our Seed Investors

We’re very happy to announce that we’ve received our first outside investment led by Point Nine Capital, with Michael Hansen and Tom James as angel investors.

You can read more about the announcement on TechCrunch and Christoph Janz’s blog.

The investment amount is $600,000 which will help us double down on our mission of building the best analytics platform on earth for subscription companies.

It also brings on board some really awesome people as investors. Point Nine Capital (led by Christoph Janz and Pawel Chudzinski) are one of the leading SaaS investors out there and we’re very honoured to be joining their family of companies.

Christoph, who was an angel investor in Zendesk is insanely knowledgable about SaaS metrics and the author of the highly popular KPI dashboard for early stage SaaS.

You could describe part of what we’re doing at ChartMogul as ‘productising’ Christoph’s spreadsheet so it’s fantastic to have him and the whole Point Nine team on board.

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“Having invested in more than 20 SaaS companies and seen many, many more, I know that ChartMogul is solving a big problem which almost all SaaS companies suffer from – getting accurate SaaS metrics.”   – Christoph Janz

Also invested are Michael Hansen and Tom James. Michael is a seed investor and employee #1 at Zendesk and played a huge role in their success. Michael also hired me into Zendesk back in 2009, I knew almost nothing about business software but he gave me a chance and we ended up working closely together for over 5 years – you can read more about Michael (and Christoph) in Mikkel Svane’s new book Startupland.

Tom James founded his first startup in his early 20’s, IntecTelecom (ITL) which later listed on the LSE, since then he has invested in numerous early stage businesses including; Zendesk, Onelogin, Lapio, Kloudless, Holidog, SolanoLabs, Umantis and Ca7ch.

What this means for our customers is simply that we’ll continue working hard on building and improving our product and service, but this improvement will start happening at a faster pace as we grow our team (did I mention we’re hiring?).

Nick Franklin

CEO, ChartMogul