Product Updates

ChartMogul Launches Beta

We’re very excited to announce that ChartMogul is now ready for beta testers. ChartMogul helps businesses calculate and understand their recurring revenue. This could be a SaaS, hosting provider or home delivery subscription – any type of company that has recurring revenue.

glass-tube-adaptRight now you need to be using Stripe or Braintree to use ChartMogul and we’re working on support for Chargify and Recurly.

You can signup for an invite on, we’ll be sending out batches of invites daily.

We won’t be running a completely open beta, this is so we can keep performance stable for existing users and scale the system in a controlled way.

If you want to get access right away just tweet something @ChartMogul and we’ll be sure to oblige you.

Please send any feedback or questions to

Nick Franklin

CEO, ChartMogul