Creating Thriving Culture While Working Remotely

You’re probably reading this from home right now. I’m certainly writing it from home.

The pandemic forced many companies to make the transition to a fully remote workforce, but now the question on everyone’s minds is what to do when things go back to (the new) normal. Companies have learned that productivity doesn’t drop when your employees work from home, most often quite the opposite is true. When you’re not commuting and you’re relaxed in your own space without office chatter in earshot you’re probably even more productive. In fact, employees can be so productive some companies are considering a 4-day work week.

Whether your team is fully remote or working in a hybrid model, it can be a struggle to manage workplace culture and create a sense of community – especially in times like these. Tatiana Correa, the founder of Revolv Culture Solutions has many years of experience building culture and communities for companies that have their workforces scattered all over the globe.

If you have a hybrid you can’t expect the experiences of remote employees and in-office employees to be the same. I come in to support teams and help them figure out what the balance is going to look like and how all their employees can feel equally valued.

Tatiana Correa

About the episode

On this week’s episode, Tatiana and I discuss her background creating inclusive workplace environments and engaged communities at Lululemon and Shopify, and how she’s taken her expertise and built her own company helping others design a remote experience that cultivates company culture.

Tatiana shares her insights about:

  • Measuring employee engagement
  • The role of leadership in creating culture
  • Where remote work goes wrong and what to do about it
  • Hybrid work models
  • Creating successful events and off-sites for a remote workforce
  • The future of remote work

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