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3 Improvements to Custom Attributes That Make Customer Segmentation Even More Powerful

Custom attributes are now much faster to add and use, making them an even more powerful way to segment your customers and find new ways to grow your business.

Over the last 2 weeks, we launched several improvements to the Custom attributes functionality in ChartMogul.

These changes will help you streamline your work and improve your workflow in segmenting and analyzing your customer groups.

Here’s what’s new.

Adding custom attributes through the UI

So far, custom attributes could only be added through the API and the Google Sheets integration and that could be cumbersome in cases where you want to add a new attribute quickly and assign a value for it for a few customers.

Account admins can now quickly create a new custom attribute with a few clicks by going to Data platform > Custom attributes. More details can be found in our documentation.

Quickly list all customers who have the same attribute value

We also added a Search button next to custom attribute values on customer profiles. Clicking on it will quickly generate a list of all customers who share the same value for this attribute.

Charts filtered by custom attribute now load up to 2.5x faster

Although the third change to custom attributes is an under-the-hood improvement, it has the potential to make the biggest impact on your work.

Charts now load much faster when you’re segmenting by custom attribute. Gone are the long wait times, especially for accounts with lots of data and/or customers.

More powerful insights for your business

We believe that using custom attributes is essential for taking full advantage of subscription data.

In other posts, we’ve described how this functionality allows you to bring data from other platforms and use it to analyze marketing channels, reward sales reps, etc.

These changes make it even easier and faster to use custom attributes, so we invite you all to take advantage of this improved feature.

If you have feedback or need help getting started with custom attributes, get in touch with our team at

Katarina Milanovic

Product Manager

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