Product Updates

Launching ChartMogul: SaaS Metrics Software for Subscription Startups

It’s a very special day for us today, we’re launching ChartMogul out of private beta so anyone can sign up and use our product. ChartMogul is software to help you understand your subscription business.

With one-click you get an aerial view of your global subscriber base: Monthly recurring revenue, churn and lifetime value are presented in a beautiful and easy to use dashboard.

To use ChartMogul you must already be using either Braintree, Stripe, Recurly or Chargify.  We’ll be adding support for more billing systems in the near future.

You can signup for a 14 day free trial by going to

We’d like to say a big thank you to all the businesses who’ve been beta-testing and providing feedback on ChartMogul over the past couple of months.

We truly hope you enjoy using ChartMogul as much as we enjoy building it.

Kind regards,

The ChartMogul Team

Nick Franklin

CEO, ChartMogul