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New (Beta) Feature: MRR Webhooks!

We’re excited to unveil a new (beta) feature called MRR webhooks! Create a webhook and each time a customer’s MRR changes some JSON is sent to a URL of your choosing – this opens up a whole new set of ways to integrate your subscription data with the tools you use across your organization.

One of our aims at ChartMogul is to make it incredibly easy for our users to get their data into and out of their accounts.

While the metrics and reports that are generated in ChartMogul can easily be viewed through our user interface, there are several important use cases for wanting to programmatically send up-to-date metrics out of ChartMogul and into other systems.

For example, you may need to send your customers’ current MRR values to the account records in your CRM, or you might want to trigger some action to happen, e.g. an email to be sent out, when a customer’s MRR changes. Or you may need to create an event record in your data warehouse each time a customer’s MRR changes – so you can use the MRR movements generated by ChartMogul as part of a data science project.

(The above examples are just some of the possible use cases – what we’re most excited about is seeing what uses for MRR webhooks our customers come up with that we haven’t thought of.)

Previously you would’ve needed to write a script that periodically queries the ChartMogul Metrics API to get at this data programmatically.

However, with the MRR webhooks feature an HTTP POST request is sent each time one of your customer’s MRR changes. The webhook payload contains a JSON packet that looks like this:

webhook code

Aside from being much more efficient than periodically querying the Metrics API, with MRR webhooks you also receive the information in real-time, as soon as any customer’s MRR changes.

We’re excited about the addition of MRR webhooks to ChartMogul’s range of data output options and can’t wait to see what our customers do with this feature.

Getting started

If you’re an Admin user in ChartMogul you can get started creating your first webhook by heading over to Data platform > Webhooks > Add new endpoint.

Learn more about getting started with MRR Webhooks in the Help Center.

A call for feedback

If you’re using MRR Webhooks we’d love to hear from you about your experience and any feedback you have about how we could make this feature better. Please reach out to us at

Beta release disclaimer

Please note that MRR Webhooks is currently in public beta. This means that the feature is being made available to all ChartMogul customers to start using today, however over the coming weeks and months we may need to make changes to this feature as we collect data and feedback about how people are using MRR webhooks, or how they want to use them. 

Unless it’s unavoidable, we’ll strive to avoid making changes that could break existing webhook integrations our users have set up.

Nick Franklin

CEO, ChartMogul


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