Product Updates

New: Connect PayPal to ChartMogul

We’re really excited to announce that ChartMogul now has full support for PayPal, in the form of a new data connection.

Who’s it for?

Any business using PayPal Subscriptions and Recurring Payments feature.

What does it do?

The new data connection gives PayPal merchants access to all the advanced reporting features of ChartMogul, e.g.

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • Churn rates
  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Annual Run Rate (ARR)
  • Cohort analysis
  • Geo-mapping
  • And much more

There are millions of organisations around the world using PayPal to bill their customers, now they can get a better understanding of how their subscription business is really performing using the new PayPal connection for ChartMogul.

As far as we know we’re the first to make powerful subscription analytics software available to PayPal merchants.

Enough talk, let me try it!

If you already have a ChartMogul account you can use these setup instructions to get started.  Or if you’d rather skip the docs, just login to your ChartMogul account and head over to Admin > Data load > Add data connection > give it a name (e.g. “PayPal connection”) > select PayPal and follow the instructions.

If you don’t yet have a ChartMogul account you can signup for a free trial here and then follow the setup instructions to connect your PayPal account.

Nick Franklin

CEO, ChartMogul


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