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New: Start analyzing your App Store Connect data in ChartMogul

We’re excited to announce that our App Store Connect integration is now available to all ChartMogul customers! Now you have a single source of truth for your web and iOS subscription metrics.

Growing user expectations is one of the key factors behind the success of SaaS and subscription businesses. Businesses and consumers alike want outstanding services that are convenient and easy to use. This focus on user experience has led many companies to develop native apps — in addition to web-based apps — in an effort to best support customers on whichever device they prefer.

Native app subscriptions are growing in popularity, with Apple and Google both throwing more support behind the payment model in the past two years. As adoption has increased, so has demand for a way to analyze this information and produce meaningful and actionable metrics.

I’m thrilled to share that, as of today, all ChartMogul customers can now bring their subscription data from App Store Connect into ChartMogul. With this integration, businesses can now better understand metrics such as:

  • Monthly recurring revenue and the movements that impact it
  • Customer lifetime value based on plan type, device type, time of subscription and much more

Finally — all your important revenue metrics in one place

Companies who support both web-based and in-app payments have up until now had a hard time getting a complete view of their revenue and customers. They could go deep on their customers paying through Stripe, for instance, and optimize acquisition channels and pricing. However, they were limited to top-level and aggregated metrics on mobile.

Things weren’t necessarily easier for mobile-first subscription businesses. While they could get big-picture numbers on customers and revenue, metrics like churn rate and customer lifetime value weren’t automatically calculated. So unless they had the bandwidth and the Excel skills, they couldn’t get those metrics with any level of frequency.

Start segmenting and analyzing App Store Connect customers

With ChartMogul’s Enrichment API, businesses can enrich and analyze their App Store Connect data in ways that once weren’t possible. In addition to our built-in filters like plan type, time of purchase and device type,  ChartMogul users can create custom segments based on attributes like product usage and NPS score. Learn more about our segmentation features.

Connect your App Store data to ChartMogul

Getting started is simple. If you already have a ChartMogul account, you can head over to Admin—>Data Sources and add App Store Connect. (Don’t see this option? Then send this article to the Admin of your ChartMogul account.)

If you’re new to ChartMogul, start your free trial. Then connect your data and start analyzing your subscription metrics straight away.

I hope you enjoy our latest integration! If you need support or have any questions, please reach out to

Vinay Seshadri

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