From selling berries to selling SaaS: PandaDoc CEO Mikita Mikado

Mikita Mikado, Co-founder and CEO of PandaDoc, started building businesses from a young age at home in Belarus. I sat down for a chat to uncover the pivotal moments of his journey, and what drives his motivation for building products.

From humble beginnings

Mikita MikadoMikita Mikado started out on his entrepreneurial career, selling berries he’d picked in his home Belarus, and now runs PandaDoc, a Series-A funded SaaS business in San Francisco.

Clearly there’s a LOT that happened between those two points of Mikita’s life. I joined him to try and understand some of the things he’s learned along the way.

In our discussion, we cover:

  • How activities from his youth translate to his business today
  • How his long-term business relationship with co-founder Serge works successfully, and how the complement each other
  • Why he’s so passionate about making business transactions and contracts less painful
  • What metrics are important to the team at PandaDoc, and how they’re actionable
  • The books he’s learned the most from (which you can find below)

There’s plenty more, but I’ll leave it to you to have a listen. Don’t forget you can subscribe to SaaS Open Mic on iTunes or SoundCloud.

Mikita’s top book recommendations

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