Building a SaaS community from scratch with Alex Theuma

Alex Theuma is the man behind the online community SaaScribe, as well as a new B2B SaaS-focused conference called SaaStock, which will take place for the first time this September. So why did Alex move from the world of B2B sales to growing a community — starting from nothing?

SaaScribe: A global, intimate SaaS community

How do you create a SaaS community from scratch, going from absolutely nothing to a recognized brand in the SaaS space, including meetup events around Europe, and an annual conference that’s promising to be huge.

alex-theumaAlex Theuma is doing exactly this. Alex, created the brand SaaScribe when he saw a need for a community covering the European SaaS space – a place for people to share and consume high quality content, whether founders, VCs or anyone else in the field. Having grown the SaaScribe brand successfully in recent months, he’s now furthering it with the launch of SaaStock, an event which will take place in Dublin on 22nd September.

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