Blinkist CEO Holger Seim on growing a B2C SaaS business

In this episode of SaaS Open Mic, I visited the headquarters of Blinkist – a consumer-focused SaaS business in Berlin, who have recently raised considerable investment and are making interesting moves in the learning app space.

SaaS Open Mic 05 – Blinkist

Berlin has seen some extremely promising growth in Series A investments over the last 6-12 months, and a number of businesses are emerging as a new generation of role models for the startup scene in Germany’s capital, with strong VC backing for SaaS businesses, from the likes of Point Nine Capital (investors in ChartMogul) and others.

Blinkist is certainly part of this strong growth, having recently announceed $4M investment round headed by Greycroft Partners. Having grown to over 30,000 subscribers in 2015, they’re well positioned to make even more headway in 2016.

Blinkist offers 15-minute condensed versions of popular non-fiction books, both in eBook or audio formats.

I sat down with Holger Seim, Blinkist’s co-founder and CEO, to chat about his strategy for growing their consumer SaaS business, and how they got to the position they’re in today.

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Ed Shelley

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