Thinking beyond User Experience with David Okuniev, Co-founder of Typeform

Typeform has changed the way many of us think about capturing information from other people. With a vision of making things “a little more human”, it’s clear that David Okuniev and his team at Typeform run a truly product-focused business. But what is Human Experience? And why do we all need to think much bigger than UX, when it comes to creating a great experience for customers?

“The best way to interact when you have no device, is to have a conversation.”

How do you take an uninspiring user interaction and redefine it from the ground up as something that inspires emotion and excitement from users?

David Okuniev and his Co-founder Robert Muñoz realised they were onto something after developing the initial concept for Typeform during their time working at a design agency in Barcelona.


Fast-forward a few years and Typeform is one of europe’s hottest SaaS businesses, after raising a $15M Series A in 2015. And moving into a beautiful, expansive new office space this year.

I wanted to get some insights from David into his thinking around user experience (UX) as a concept, and how the team at Typeform are pushing beyond this into what is referred to as Human Experience. HX spans much wider than UX, and goes at least some of the way towards capturing the complete experience a person encounters when interacting with a brand or company. The Typeform team have published some excellent content around this, showing that they’re really pushing the boundaries of current product thinking.

Everything that’s been designed has a corresponding experience. Everything. Look around you. It’s all designed, but whether those things produce the maximum experience for you is another question.

Paul Campillo – “In Search of the Ultimate User Experience”

The Typeform blog.

A few of the questions we covered in our chat:

  • How has your background as a designer influenced Typeform as a product, and business?
  • What are the flaws with UX as a concept, and why do you think we need to go beyond this?
  • What are some of the most common mistakes that you see companies making with UX today?
  • What do you think about the hype around conversational interfaces and chat bots that we’re seeing currently?

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Ed Shelley

Former Director of Content


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