SaaS pricing mastery with Mobilize CEO Sharon Savariego

Mobilize is built to nurture and manage communication amongst communities, groups and movements. Looking back at Sharon’s experience, it’s clear that this is the underlying theme of her career. So is Mobilize all part of a bigger plan?

This week Ed spoke to Sharon Savariego, Co-founder and CEO of Mobilize.

“If you build it right and you have a strong team, then it becomes a collective vision.”

~ Sharon Savariego

sharon savariego mobilizeLooking back at Sharon’s experience, it’s clear that nurturing communication in communities, groups and movements is the underlying theme of her career. So it seems natural that her product, Mobilize, is built to solve problems for these use cases. To her however, this wasn’t a carefully-considered path towards her current position — more just a culmination of work that only seems to fit into place now, looking back over the years.

This conversation also goes deep on the pricing strategy for Mobilize. Sharon and her team have a very clear vision for how the subscription pricing should be structured, with each plan targeting a specific company profile, with a very clear understanding of their set of needs.

“The same way that journalists are becoming inbound marketers, volunteer managers are becoming community organizers for those top companies — and companies need that more than ever.”

~ Sharon Savariego

The Moblize product
The Mobilize product (source:

So listen to the full interview below for a ton of great advice on pricing, the future of communication in businesses and much more!

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Ed Shelley

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