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A photo journal of SaaStr Annual 2016

People have put a lot of effort into summarizing their takeaways from this year’s SaaStr Annual conference. The whole event was packed full of insights, networking and killer keynotes, and I’m not sure it’s possible to better the summaries out there on the web already. So here’s a more visual impression of the conference from us at ChartMogul, along with a collection of some of our favorite wrap-up posts. Enjoy, and see you back there in 2017!

SaaStr registration desk
SaaStr registration time! Thanks to the lovely staff at the event, this (and many of the other administrative processes) ran as smooth as butter.

Screenshot 2016-02-25 17.17.47

city view
The view from the conference venue was pretty stellar. We’re not used to hills back in Berlin, or tall buildings come to think of it…

Point nine blog image

Sushi bar
There’s a sushi bar not far from the Nob Hill venue called Ryoko’s. According to Foursquare it’s the #1 sushi spot in the whole city. I wouldn’t disagree with that!
Nick Franklin CEO
CEO Nick finds some much needed down time with a can of Diet Pepsi.

Screenshot Notes from SaaStr

Happy hour people
Happy hour! Every day at 4pm, the entire conference gathered to network, share stories and trade business cards. The atmosphere was great, if a little noisy…
This year, Beyoncé chose the 50th Superbowl half-time show over the SaaStr Annual afterparty. Next year will be different.

Screenshot tweet

Catering staff member
The catering staff delivered second-to-none service throughout the event, which really gave a ‘premium’ feel to the whole conference experience.
people walking
You guys have hills so steep, they require STEPS?! What is this place?

Screenshot Point Nine SaaStr

Vinay Director of Product
Vinay, Dir. Product: “As a product person, SaaStr was very valuable in that I met directly with several existing and potential customers to discuss the challenges they face to derive insight for the product. It was also a great environment to meet with business and integration partners and discuss mutually beneficial partnerships. Thus, from both a strategic and functional perspective, I think SaaStr is extremely valuable for Product people to attend.”
street sign
“We really must be in Silicon Valley now, even the street numbers are in binary.’
Camera stage view
It was clear that the SaaStr team worked around the clock to put on a show with the highest production value possible.

Screenshot SaaStr trends

People talking
“Our MRR charts are this big…”
SaaStr dollars
There were even ‘SaaStr Dollars’ to spend on high-quality swag.

Screenshot SaaStr notes

ChartMogul’s Customer Success rockstar Ingmar gives back to back product demos to passers by.
A rare moment in which the circle of the auditorium clears out, which can only mean one thing: FOOD.

Screenshot Point nine

Golden gate bridge
Just time for a quick burst of exploration before heading home, as well as a few hours soaking up as much sun as possible (we don’t get that during the Berlin winter).
ChartMogul team
We made it! Jet-lagged and definitely not at 100% health, but the ChartMogul team had a crazy, yet hugely productive week. See you all again next year!

Ed Shelley

Former Director of Content


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