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New Feature: Improved Accuracy of MRR Movements Thanks to Smart Activity Classification

The new feature allows you to control how simultaneous movements are recorded, thus leading to a more accurate summary of MRR movements

We’re excited to announce the release of Smart Activity Classification!

Smart Activity Classification is a seemingly small, but significant feature that allows you to get more meaningful (and arguably more accurate) MRR movements in ChartMogul.

Smart Activity Classification allows you to choose how subscription events that happen at the same time (or close together) are classified. For example, with Smart Activity Classification turned ON a new subscription purchase followed by an upgrade shortly afterwards can be treated as part of the same “newbiz event” rather than a newbiz movement followed by an MRR expansion movement.

This also means if you create a multi-plan/multi-component subscription (in a system like Stripe or Recurly that supports such compound subscriptions) ChartMogul will classify these as a single newbiz event (with multiple components) or a single churn event (instead of a contraction movement followed instantly by a churn event).

Multiple MRR movements grouped under the same newbiz event​​

How will Smart Activity Classification impact my charts?

Smart Activity Classification affects the MRR movements chart and the breakdown of MRR movements in the data tables. When enabled, the number of MRR movements contributing to New business MRR, Churn MRR and Reactivation MRR is likely to increase, whereas the movements contributing to Expansion and Contraction MRR will decrease by the same amount.

Ready to take it for a spin?

Smart Activity Classification can be turned on under Admin > Data Settings > Subscription analytics > Smart Activity Classification.

Smart activity classification

By default, the time window is set to 60 minutes (so a NewBiz event followed by an upgrade 55 minutes later will be counted as part of the same NewBiz event), but you can change this to suit your company’s needs. Find out more in our Help Center.

Sebastian Sandoval Similä

Product Manager, Analytics

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