Tips & Tricks: How does language support affect churn in different regions?

If you operate a global business, but only offer customer support in English, you may see higher churn rates in countries where English is not the primary language. In this article, we will analyze whether customers who residing in a non-English speaking country are at greater risk of churning.

Adding location attributes to customers

ChartMogul’s native billing system integrations automatically detect customer location information as recorded in the billing system. The location information is then stored in ChartMogul and can be easily used for segmentation in the Maps feature. There are many default attributes available out of the box in ChartMogul — you can learn more about them and how to make use of them here. If you submit data via the Google Sheets App or Import API, you will need to specify the geo data in order to build the segments described in this article.

Setting up segments to compare

We will create an English-speaking countries segment as well as a Non-English speaking countries segment that we can compare.

1. Log in to your ChartMogul account, and head to the maps page.

2. Using the Maps interface, you can now click on each English-speaking country or region to select them

3. Once your selection is complete, click Save Region and name it accordingly – “English speaking countries” or similar.

4. To create the segment Non-English speaking countries, again select each of the countries that you want to include in the analysis and click Save Region. Give this segment a sensible name, such as “Non-English speaking countries”.

5. To compare the two regional segments, go to your Customer churn rate chart and click on All Regions. Select the region English Speaking Countries.

6. Next, click on New Segment to add the second Non-English Speaking Countries region.

7. In your Customer Churn rate chart, you can see that the churn rate for non-English speaking countries is higher than in English speaking countries.

What we learned

It’s clear from this analysis that customers who live in countries where English is not the dominant language are at greater risk of churning.

To address this problem we could:

  • Add internationalization to the product — support for other languages
  • Focus support efforts on customers from non-English speaking regions
  • Monitor the data to understand whether these actions succeed in driving down churn rates

Next steps 

To gain further insight into this, you can start to drill down into specific non-English speaking countries to locate where most of the churn is coming from. For example, if Spain’s churn rate is very high while generating a strong lead volume, Spanish may be the best focus for additional language support in your product.

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