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The Ultimate SaaS Founder’s FAQ

A condensed collection of common questions (and answers) encountered by SaaS founders and business leaders. From Marketing to Metrics. From Product to Pricing. It’s all here! Grab your free copy, and keep it handy.

Sometimes you just need answers.

We see FAQs everywhere. They’re extremely powerful for addressing common questions among users — whether for a product, service or press release. In a world of fuzzy value-driven marketing websites, the FAQ is the last bastion of concrete product information. What does the thing actually do? What file formats are supported?

In a world of fuzzy value-driven marketing websites, the FAQ is the last bastion of concrete product information.

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Over the last 18 months, our team has put significant effort into researching and answering common questions on everything related to building and growing a subscription business. A great deal of this research has been fed into our product and documentation, while some has been featured in our SaaS Q&A series here on the blog.

Today we’re launching this collection of knowledge and advice as a single resource: The Ultimate SaaS Founder’s FAQ.

What’s inside?

The book serves as a great reference guide on key topics related to growing a SaaS business. Included are answers to:

  • What are the ingredients of a sustainable SaaS business?
  • What are the benefits of a SaaS business model?
  • What are the most important SaaS metrics to monitor?
  • What are the pros & cons of API-based SaaS?
  • How do you know when you’ve reached Product-Market Fit?
  • What is the best way to build a product roadmap?

…and many more questions.

Download it for free

You can grab your copy of The Ultimate SaaS Founder’s FAQ from our Resources page. You’ll have a chance to download both PDF and ePub (for iBooks and e-readers) version:

Get It Now Available as ePub & PDF

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