The Ultimate Slack Cheat Sheet

Like many many people out there, we use and love Slack at ChartMogul. Whether for daily work updates, communicating with the team or simply posting silly GIFs, the tech world has been set alight by the the great user experience built by the Slack team – with Daily Active Users of the service now higher than 750,000.

Slack is stuffed full of hidden and power-user features. And we all want to become better and more efficient at using all of those features.

Did you know you can subscribe to RSS feeds within a Slack channel?

How about three-finger-swiping between multiple Slack teams on iOS?

Or the /shrug command? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Presenting the Ultimate Slack Cheat Sheet – A comprehensive 2-page overview of everything you need to become a Slack power user.

Slack Cheat Sheet

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Ed Shelley

Former Director of Content


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