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Learn what cookies are, what types we use, and why. You may adjust your cookie prefences at any time — you are in control. For comprehensive legal documents, refer to our Privacy policy and Imprint.

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First and foremost, your privacy settings. Use the toggles on the leftabove to opt-in or out of cookies at any point in time. A reload is required for the changes you make to go into effect.

By default, we only store necessary cookies (such as your response to the cookie banner). We do not place cookies beyond that until you give use explicit consent to do so. With your approval, we may use cookies for advertising purposes as well as enhancing your general experience on our site through e.g. YouTube embeds or X widgets.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that sites can place on your computer when you visit them. Most often, they are used to identify you as a unique visitor, for example to remember your preferences, or to serve you appropriate ads. Unlike other types of storage, cookies are automatically sent to the website's server whenever you navigate around on a site in order to process your actions. Sometimes, cookies want to be able to identify you even when you come back to a site after closing your browser window. These types of cookies are called "persistent". Some of them have an expiration date, whereas others stay on your device until you manually delete them. Other cookies expire when you end the browsing session. These are called "transient" or simply "session" cookies. When you opt-out of cookies (after having opted-in), it is a good idea to delete your site data, and do a reload, to get a completely clean slate.

But the "Cookie law" doesn't only apply to cookies. It applies to any user data that leaves your device for processing. Cookies are the most prevalent, but certainly not the only way your data might be used. There are other storage methods (like local storage or indexed DB) that don't necessarily send data along with page navigations or other requests, but when they do, they are subject to the same laws as cookies. Pixel tracking is another form of tracking where a 1×1 pixel image is loaded on pages you visit to process your journey. The tables below are therefore listing not only cookies, but all types of data processing we use.


Below, we've listed the cookies we use. This list is automatically generated by Cookiebot.


Functional cookies enable functionality like logging in or remembering your answer to the cookie banner. They are necessary for the site to work.


Preference cookies let us remember things such as whether you've closed a certain popup, to prevent it from showing again.


Statistic cookies help us understand how you interact with our site, allowing us to improve our services with real usage data.


Marketing cookies are used to track you across websites. This is used in order to show you more relevant ads.


We're not entirely sure yet what these cookies are used for, but Cookiebot is in the process of classifying these with their respective providers.