ChartMogul for Go-to-Market Leaders

With ChartMogul, it feels like we’re out of the clouds and flying in clear skies.

Travis Todd, Co-founder and Head of Revenue, Contacts+

What Go-to-Market Leaders gain with ChartMogul

  • Everyone from sales to finance looking at the same set of numbers

  • Explore your revenue data to spot growth opportunities

  • Send progress reports straight to your team’s inbox and Slack channels

Based on our latest research, SaaS growth is warming up again.

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Maximize monetization

Identify your highest-value customer segments, then drill down by plan, subscription value, industry, location or any other attribute to find opportunities to optimize pricing and packaging, segment by segment. Save ICP segments or share custom charts that track customer acquisition.

Combine PLG with Sales-led GTM Strategies

Visualize your self-service and sales-led funnels in one report to get a broad view of active pipeline. Find out where deals are getting stuck and optimize conversion rates between deal stages. Compare this quarter to last and spot trends over time.

Unify the team around one platform

Rally the team around company-wide revenue targets in your ChartMogul dashboard. Use ChartMogul’s advanced suite of filters to identify groups of customers who have the highest retention rates and LTV – empower the whole team to run their own analyses and identify areas of improvement. Create a culture of data-informed decision making.

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We’re at the point where if you’re starting a SaaS company, you need a tool like ChartMogul from day 1

Joel Gascoigne, CEO
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With ChartMogul, it feels like we’re out of the clouds and flying in clear skies.

Travis Todd, Co-founder and Head of Revenue
Learn how Go-to-Market Leaders use ChartMogul
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Being able to see what’s happening at any point gives you a lot of agility and lets you make decisions fast. That’s been one of the biggest advantages of using ChartMogul.

Sudeep Shukla, Chief of Staff
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ChartMogul gives me flexibility, control, and simplifies the process of extracting data so I can focus on making sure the correct data gets to the right people.

George Petropoulos, Data Engineering Lead
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