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We know this is why you trust us with your business. ChartMogul is used by thousands of subscription businesses to make critical decisions.

Integrated billing data powers ChartMogul’s subscription data platform, so we wanted to share the following important information about how our integrations work and should be used.

A note on integrations maintained by ChartMogul

Some billing systems are so highly configurable that despite our team’s best efforts to make sure all use cases are covered, it is possible that one of our pre-built integration may not be suitable for your needs.

In the rare situation where this is the case, our team will do our best to add support for your use case; however, this may not always be possible. The only way to have full control over how your data is imported, is to build your own integration on top of our Import API. This allows you additional flexibility so you can structure the data in a way that is suitable to your business practices. Many ChartMogul customers are able to build their own integration in one to four weeks.

Key considerations

If you do use one of the integrations we maintain, we highly recommend regularly auditing your metrics — either with a simple spot check or with this comprehensive guide.

Please also note the following:

Integrations change. We frequently update our integrations to support changes and new features released by the billing system providers, support new use cases and billing scenarios.

Due to the fact that integrations change, this can mean that the way ChartMogul processes your billing data into metrics may also change. If we anticipate that this could happen to your account we will do our best to reach out to inform you about this possibility, however this may not always be possible to proactively determine. We recommend to subscribe to our product updates.

Integrations aren’t magic... "garbage in, garbage out" as the saying goes. While most subscription billing systems do guide users towards best practices, it’s still possible to use these systems in a way that produces data that isn’t usable for automatically calculating accurate metrics.

For these scenarios, we provide tools for manually editing MRR values in ChartMogul, and adding customers and subscriptions manually using a custom data source.


Not sure which option is best for your business and billing set-up? Our team can help.

Contact to get in touch with our subscription data experts.