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Nils Decker, CRO, Brizy

ChartMogul has helped us at Brizy to unclutter the different streams of revenue we have, and present our growth the investors in a streamlined fashioned!

Customer since February 2023
Jim Hartung, Growth Marketing Lead, Wooclap

The predictive insights from ChartMogul are eye-opening. It's like having a roadmap for our business strategy.

Customer since January 2024
Lilia Tovbin, Founder,

Couldn't do without it! No alternatives that are even close.

Customer since August 2019
André, Backend Developer, VTurb

ChartMogul has been a catalyst for change at VTurb. It’s helped us become much more data-savvy and growth-oriented.

Customer since May 2023
Nico Oud, Founder & CEO, Springcast

Since using ChartMogul, we are saving tons of time on making analyses and aggregating data from multiple subscription platforms. We also save a lot of time in preparing for, and during, our funding rounds.

Customer since October 2021
Gregory Rothman, General Manager, Shapeways

No more manual cohort waterfalls. It's an incredible tool. The ease of use and clarity ChartMogul brings to our financial metrics is unmatched. It's a must-have for any growing SaaS company.

Customer since March 2024
Christian Folmann Hempler, CFO, TimeLog

I love how ChartMogul makes complex data approachable for everyone in our team, regardless of their data literacy.

Customer since December 2021
Hammim, Chief Analyst, GAFFL

The level of detail and insights ChartMogul provides us with is just unmatched. It’s become indispensable to our operations.

Customer since January 2022
Anonymous, CIMADent

The granularity of data ChartMogul offers is outstanding. It’s enabled us to fine-tune our business model with precision.

Customer since May 2021
Pedro Gutiérrez, CEO & Co-Founder, Avify

Diving into our metrics with ChartMogul has been a game changer for Avify. The insights we get are invaluable.

Customer since April 2021
Sarah Moran, Co-founder & Head of Marketing, PatientNotes

It's great to finally have a CRM that works well alongside our reporting and analytics tool. I tried to assemble what I needed from two other popular CRMs but ChartMogul does what I need out of the box. I tell everyone about ChartMogul CRM now!

Customer since January 2024
Thanos Papangelis, Co-founder & CEO, TalentHR

The way ChartMogul breaks down complex metrics into understandable insights is brilliant. It’s been invaluable to our business.

Customer since November 2022
Jesper Andersen, Founder & CEO, Elvium Aps

Been using it since the early days, great team, great service

Customer since December 2017
Utsav Patel, Co-founder, Supergrow

I was amazed at how ChartMogul made complex data so accessible and actionable. It's a big win for our team.

Customer since October 2023
Jonathan Denney, Co-founder & CTO, ConvertFlow

Love ChartMogul and it's features for custom data

Customer since May 2017
Szymon Chołuj, Co-founder & COO, Calendesk

I want to give a big shoutout to the ChartMogul support team. They've been there for us whenever we've needed a hand.What blew us away was how they went above and beyond with their help – it was quick and direct, and they quickly sorted out our issues.ChartMogul has been a game-changer for us. It's easy to use and gives us the insights we need to keep growing. I'd definitely recommend ChartMogul to any business owner who's serious about getting the right software.

Customer since February 2023
Kulsoom, Community Manager, Social Champ

What sets ChartMogul apart for me is its intuitive interface and powerful analytics. It’s been a game changer for Social Champ.

Customer since January 2023
Steven Tey, Founder & CEO,

ChartMogul is a total lifesaver! 🚀 It’s the best tool we've added to our arsenal at Couldn't imagine working without it now!

Customer since February 2024
Matt Lipman, Founder, Visiwig

I love the free tier, while I'm struggling to get my startup off the ground.

Customer since August 2021
Tom van Eijmeren, Founder & CEO, ClockAssist

Every SaaS business should have ChartMogul in their toolkit. It's been pivotal in our journey towards data-driven growth.

Customer since August 2023
Nick Nikolaiev, Co-founder & COO, Tactiq

I'm constantly impressed by the depth of analysis we can achieve with ChartMogul. It’s a powerhouse for any SaaS business.

Customer since October 2022
Stephen van den Hoek, Product Marketer, Homerun

Seeing our growth metrics evolve on ChartMogul has been incredibly motivating for the team. It's our go-to for growth tracking.

Customer since March 2020
Esther Valiente, Head of HR & Operations, Landbot

ChartMogul is essential for any SaaS business serious about growth. It's like having a CFO in your pocket.

Customer since May 2023
Tulio, Co-founder and CPO, Agendor

ChartMogul’s simplicity and depth have saved us countless hours at Agendor. It's an unsung hero for B2B SaaS companies.

Customer since February 2022
Dennis Lander, Sales Manager, ClockAssist

ChartMogul has quietly become our backbone for subscription metrics. It's straightforward, reliable, and indispensable. A solid piece of our toolkit

Customer since June 2023
Batuhan Baltaci, Co-founder & CMO, Buddify

I use ChartMogul pretty much every day - I recommend it frequently because it's easy to use and I know I can rely on them.

Customer since April 2023
Sergey Butko, Co-founder, Certifier

Without ChartMogul it would be very hard to make data-informed decisions at Certifier. Super happy to be a customer!

Customer since July 2021
Maciej Cupial, Founder & CEO, Calendesk

ChartMogul is fantastic. Big fans at Calendesk! SaaS metrics and CRM in one place? Yes, please!

Customer since October 2022
Marty Aghajanyan, Founder & CEO, JBoard

I use ChartMogul pretty much every day - I recommend it frequently because it's easy to use and I know I can rely on them.

Customer since May 2022
Andrew Rogoff, Co-founder, Resource Guru

I love the fact most of the important SaaS charts are there by default and no complicated setup is required. The charts look great and are easy to adjust and the site performance is great.

Customer since January 2015