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Automate your metrics reporting.

ChartMogul automatically calculates — in real time — all the key metrics you need to run your business. Never spend hours in Excel again!

Management & Investor

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • Average Revenue Per Account (ARPA)
  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Average Sale Price (ASP)
  • Customer Churn Rate
  • Revenue Churn Rate
  • Quantity Churn Rate
  • Customer Growth
  • Annual Run Rate (ARR)
  • MRR Movements
  • Projections & Forecasts

Sales, Marketing & Customer Success

  • Retention Cohort Analysis
  • MRR by Marketing Channel
  • Retention Rate by Sales Rep
  • Churn Rate by NPS Score
  • Lead Volume
  • Trial-to-Paid Conversion Rate
  • Trial Volume
  • Average Sales Cycle Length


  • Gross Cash Flow
  • Net Cash Flow
  • Refunds
  • Failed Payments
  • Revenue Lost to Discounting
  • Non-Recurring Revenue
  • GAAP Revenue
  • Revenue Recognition
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Cohorts analysis - ChartMogul subscription analytics
Graphs - ChartMogul subscription analytics
Maps - ChartMogul subscription analytics

Empower your team to answer questions with data.

Use ChartMogul to democratize data in your business — no more guessing based on ‘gut feeling’ or raising tickets with the BI team.


What’s our MRR broken down by lead source?

Segmenting your MRR helps you understand exactly what’s driving the growth of your business, such as your most valuable lead source.


Which country has the highest average revenue per customer?

ChartMogul’s geo mapping feature gives you a global picture of your business, uncovering opportunities for expansion and helping you focus on the right regions.

Customer Success

At what point are subscribers at the highest risk of churn?

Customer Success is critical to any subscription business. Cohort Analysis is the most effective way to see how subscriptions are evolving over time, and focus Customer Success efforts on the months that matter.


How does our churn rate compare on the Basic vs. Pro plan?

Pricing your product is hard, but understanding performance across each pricing plan can be even harder. Breaking down churn rate by plan helps you understand the impact price has on customer loyalty.

VP Sales

Are there Enterprise customers up for annual renewal in the next 30 days?

Never let key accounts slip away, create custom lists so you’re always on top of what’s happening with your customers.

Customer MRR Plan Country Renewal date
Telus $5,350 Enterprise Canada Sep 1, 2016
PepsiCo $5,000 Enterprise United States Aug 30, 2016
Hyundai $4,200 Enterprise South Korea Aug 28, 2016
Maersk $3,850 PRO Denmark Aug 23, 2016
Dell $2,520 Enterprise United States Aug 17, 2016
UBER $1,850 PRO United States Aug 13, 2016
Dyson $1,252 PRO UK Aug 10, 2016

What’s the impact of new business, upgrades and churn over time?

MRR movements in ChartMogul is a SaaS CEO’s favorite tool. Whether it’s to include in an investor report or just to check in during morning coffee, it’s the best at-a-glance health check of your business.

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