Is Customer Led Growth (CLG) the new PLG?

Held on:
March 26, 2024
45 minutes

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Since hitting peak hype in 2021, product-led growth (PLG) has become one of the most widely adapted and successful go-to-market strategies for SaaS companies.

While PLG is definitely not going away, the market is searching for the next big evolution. The latest contender gaining momentum: customer-led growth (CLG).

Join our panel with PLG and CLG experts from Appcues, Toplyne and Catalyst as they discuss the main differences between PLG and CLG and ask whether CLG is what’s next.

The panel covers:

  • How do you define your company's growth approach?
  • What’s the real difference between PLG and CLG? Are they complimentary or opposites?
  • How has your go-to-market changed because of recent market conditions?
  • How does the current obsession with capital efficiency influence these growth models?