How SaaS Pricing is Evolving

Held on:
January 25, 2024
45 minutes

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How you price your product has a huge impact on growth. We now think of pricing as an ongoing experiment in monetization, and expect to see much of the SaaS industry experiment with pricing in 2024.

What are the triggers that suggest it’s time to review your pricing? How do you know whether a usage-based or seat-based or some other model is right for your business? And what other trends are pricing experts seeing in the market?

Join this live discussion with three SaaS founders as they share their insights on pricing, pitfalls to avoid, and how they’re approaching pricing.

The panel covers:

  • The latest trends in SaaS pricing models
  • Who should own pricing?
  • How do you know if your pricing is right? What are the effects of getting it wrong?
  • Let’s talk about custom pricing… when does it make sense?