Next month, startup leaders around the world participate in a high-stakes forum; the board meeting. With investors, advisors and senior leadership forming a captive audience, how can you provide visibility into performance and growth potential, while making it as engaging and impactful as possible?


Barbra Gago

CEO & Founder at Pando

After leading Miro through their rebrand and into hypergrowth, and bringing Greenhouse to market, Barbra launched her first company, Pando, in 2020.

Designed to empower startups to run continuous, on-demand and structured career paths for employees, Pando was born out of Barb’s frustration over the black box of employee progression.

Raising a $6.9m round in May 2022, Barbra knows what investors are looking for in reporting, and how to get the most from the board.

Keith Wallington

Investor & Chairperson

Focussed on B2B SaaS and typically investing at Series A and Growth stages, Keith is currently an investor and board member at five startups.

With a background in C-level roles spanning marketing to operations, Keith has had a first-row seat to hyper growth at Mimecast, and continues to advise startup founders and CEOs as they navigate this journey.

Understanding what venture and private equity investors need from reporting, Keith joins the panel as an expert.

David Fitzgerald

FP&A Lead at TeamWork

Running financial planning and analysis at work management platform, Teamwork, Dave has been a part of the journey that saw them bootstrap to over $30m in ARR.

Prior to this, he led finance at another SaaS business that was acquired, and has spent a number of years working in investment banking.

With first hand experience preparing and running investor reports and board meetings, Dave has a strong handle on how to engage the board.

About the panel

Designing the right investor reports can not only build your board’s confidence in your business but they also have the potential to increase future investment. And in this market, the need for board confidence has never been more relevant.

But preparing these reports can take a huge amount of time, distract focus from your day-to-day and cause stress to the team.

Should you include both lagging and leading indicators? What about MRR, LTV, CAC and MoM growth rates? And what’s too much vs. too little detail?

Knowing which metrics to include and how to present them can help you effectively communicate your projected growth and profitability.

Our panel of experts will share their first-hand experience of preparing reports that will get even the toughest hardliners in your corner.

In this webinar we'll discuss:

  • Which metrics increase confidence in your business
  • What a great board meeting looks like
  • How to leverage investors to help plan for growth in an economic downturn
Hosted by

Rachel Whitehead

VP Marketing, ChartMogul