How to Raise in a Bear Market

Held on:
February 27, 2024
45 minutes

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It’s clear that after the investment boom of 2021 and 2022, securing VC funding is harder to come by. Last year was the lowest for venture funding globally since 2018, at around $285 billion according to Crunchbase data.

While down, seed and late stage funding were still fairly robust compared to the 2010s. There are still rounds being raised, but in this market, the approach has changed.

Join our panel discussion with investors from Oxx, Point Nine Capital, and GoGlobal World as we discuss what matters most when pitching in 2024, and what advice they have for SaaS companies looking to raise this season.

The panel covers:

  • What does the current startup funding climate look like for founders?
  • How is raising today different from two years ago?
  • What advice do you give for seed vs. early vs late stage founders?