Retention is not a silver bullet, but for SaaS, it’s the closest thing to it. A higher retention rate can help you achieve better growth, build a more capital-efficient business, and even get higher valuations from investors. Join us for this webinar, where we’ll discuss the latest B2B SaaS Retention trends. Why is retention so pivotal? What does a good net retention look like? How can you leverage data to increase retention? And much more.


Daniel Bakh

CEO & Co-founder, Fullview

Daniel Bakh is the CEO and co-founder of Fullview. He has a background in product-led growth, enterprise sales, and VC.

He is also an angel investor with over 40 startups in his portfolio. He started Fullview in May 2021 after experiencing first-hand the frustrations and inefficiencies of giving and receiving customer support.

Enzo Avigo

CEO & Co-founder, June

Enzo Avigo is the Co-Founder of - the next-gen analytics for B2B SaaS.

Prior to founding June, Enzo has built 6+ years of experience in Product Management where he worked in various verticals - SaaS (Intercom), FinTech (N26) and eCommerce (Zalando) - and helped scale fast-growing companies.

Parker Moore

Head of Customer Success, Vitally

Parker Moore is the Head of Customer Success at Vitally, which is a best-in-class Customer Success Platform for B2B SaaS companies. Since joining, he has grown the CS organization by 5x & been part of incredible customer growth.

Prior to Vitally, Parker worked at HubSpot and Eventbrite, where he helped build out the Customer Success function. Parker lives in Michigan with his wife and two boys.

About the panel

Retention is one of the most important metrics in building a successful SaaS business. As a revenue leader, you need to have a solid understanding of what retention is and what healthy metrics look like.

It’s important to understand the trends and patterns in customer retention to ensure that your business remains competitive and profitable.

In this live discussion, our panel of experts will dive into retention while examining trends for 2023.

In this webinar we'll discuss:

  • Why retention is so pivotal in SaaS and how it drives success at all stages of startup growth
  • Benchmarks: what does good net retention look like for different sizes and types of SaaS businesses?
  • What data can you leverage to improve your retention rate?
  • How can enhancing user experience increase SaaS retention?
Moderated by

Sid Jain Senior Analyst, ChartMogul