🚀 SaaS Roundup #121: 9 Ways to Make Your SaaS Customers Hate You

This week: How successful companies approach communication, product managers explain product management and more.

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This week’s top reads

A better way to fund SaaS companies

Bill Boebel, Pingboard

“the best funding source for a SaaS company is closer to an IV drip than it is to a shot of adrenaline to the heart. We need more funding sources that understand this reality and are as iterative with their checks as their portfolio companies are with their product, sales and marketing.”

SaaS as a mature market requires a different approach to early-stage growth than the early days. As Bill argues here, we’re dealing with flywheels rather than rocket ships. There are some interesting arguments here regarding the approach to fundraising, comparing “traditional” fundraising rounds to the waterfall model of software development. So what does more agile, iterative fundraising look like? Read the full post

SaaS product management explained by 6 product managers

Tarif Rahman, Roadmunk

“The nature of SaaS implies that your customer is constantly re-evaluating your product — weekly, monthly, or yearly. Switching has become easier. And for a PM, differentiation becomes more critical. It’s a reminder to go back to the basics of ensuring we’re solving the right problems to create products that customers love.”

This post shares insights from some big-hitting PM talent from Atlassian, Zendesk, Zuora and more. Everything from trends in SaaS Product Management to metrics and past failures. Read the full post

9 Ways to Make Your SaaS Customers Hate You, Ranked

Amy Hoy, Stacking The Bricks

“Poorly thought-out price increases are actually much worse than accidental overcharging because it’s a willful act and violates the trust in the relationship. Raising your price isn’t bad. Doing it badly is bad.”

This is a great piece! Amy goes far deeper than your average list post. It’s also clear that her considerable experience mopping up issues in SaaS support have given her a highly-trained sense of customer hate. I don’t want to spoil the ranking here, but make sure you read into the reasoning too. Read the full post

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