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Build team workspaces with dashboards and folders

Give your teams faster access to the metrics that matter most to them with team dashboards and folders.

Everyone at your company helps grow the business in unique ways. Marketing attracts interest in your SaaS product, sales turns that interest into revenue, customer success keeps customers happy, and finance manages the company’s financial health. Each team needs to focus on different metrics because their goals and responsibilities are distinct.

To support this, ChartMogul now lets users create dashboards and folders to give each team a dedicated workspace. These tools provide quick access to relevant data and allow teams to customize their workspaces freely. 

A dashboard for each of your teams

You’re now able to add multiple dashboards to your ChartMogul account, for example each customized for a different team, related to a specific product, market or brand. You have full flexibility in which information you want to see and how. In addition to your home dashboard, set up separate dashboards for: 

  • Marketing: including lead and free trial charts, trial to paid conversion rates and attribution data like MRR by marketing channel 
  • Sales: including a new sales leaderboard, activity tracker, quarterly target and opportunity forecast report
  • Account management: including an opportunity tracker, customer lists by MRR, and upcoming renewals
  • Finance: including Cashflow, refunds and past-due customers
  • Individual users can also create their own private dashboards, to get the view they want which will stay private and visible only to them in their own account

New widgets for sales and account management

We’ve also introduced six new widgets to track sales performance:

  1. Quarterly Sales Target
  2. Sales Leaderboard
  3. Forecast Category Table
  4. Sales Rep Activity Leaderboard
  5. $ Won from Pipeline
  6. $ Created from Pipeline

These are available across our platform, but will be especially useful if you’re using ChartMogul CRM. Here’s how Megan, from ChartMogul’s account management team, sets up her dashboard:

Organize lists and charts into folders

Folders allow you to group related customer lists and charts into organized, easily accessible spaces. Folders are available in Saved Charts, Customer Lists and Opportunities, for our CRM users.

Folders let you declutter your view, quickly access the data you need and streamline their work in ChartMogul. No more time wasted searching for specific items – everything your team needs is just a click away.


With this new release, your teams will have what they need to help them make all the right decisions in their specific domain. For more, see our Help Center articles on creating dashboards, customizing them and on folders.

Greta Retsnik

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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