The first CRM tailor-made for B2B SaaS companies

Combine your lead, trial, opportunity, and subscription data together in a single platform, allowing you to analyze your entire funnel.

After 8 years, we got tired of using generic CRMs that didn't fit B2B SaaS.

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Analyze your sales pipeline and self-service funnel from one view

Designed to be mission control for founders and sales leaders, the Pipeline Funnel Analysis gives you a bird’s-eye-view of the funnel and helps you identify where deals are getting stuck. Forecasts show you if the team is on track to reach revenue goals or if you need to focus on building pipeline. Combined with Subscription Analytics, you can now run powerful reporting and analysis across the customer journey – from lead acquisition to revenue expansion.

Boost growth with efficient sales processes

Simplify outreach to potential clients and use workflow features like call logging, notes, and email templates to keep deals moving through the funnel. See the entire history of a company’s relationship with you in one place – quickly assess the status of each opportunity and make decisions about next steps. Keep your team biased toward action.

Configure ChartMogul CRM to your needs

You can configure your sales processes with custom pipelines – define deal stages and forecast categories. Add custom fields to customers, contacts and opportunities to make sure your team has access to, and is collecting the data you need. Build repeatable sales processes with lead lists, opportunity lists, and email templates.

The Commercial Center of your SaaS Business

ChartMogul imports and normalizes your subscription billing data then computes SaaS metrics in real-time. Records can be enriched from additional sources to enable more insightful segmentation, and all data layers can be pushed into your data warehouse or external apps as required.

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We’re at the point where if you’re starting a SaaS company, you need a tool like ChartMogul from day 1

Joel Gascoigne, CEO
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With ChartMogul, it feels like we’re out of the clouds and flying in clear skies.

Travis Todd, Co-founder and Head of Revenue
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Being able to see what’s happening at any point gives you a lot of agility and lets you make decisions fast. That’s been one of the biggest advantages of using ChartMogul.

Sudeep Shukla, Chief of Staff
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ChartMogul gives me flexibility, control, and simplifies the process of extracting data so I can focus on making sure the correct data gets to the right people.

George Petropoulos, Data Engineering Lead
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