Building Sales at a Product-led Company with Thinkific’s Adam Jones

In this episode of SaaS Open Mic, I talk to Adam Jones (@AdamJones85), Vice President of Sales for Thinkific, a product-led company that helps businesses create, market, and sell customized online courses.

What’s especially interesting for our listeners is that Thinkific’s sales organization and strategy was layered on 6 years into building the business. And just 5 years later, that same sales organization helped them take the company public. Adam discusses his experience with the IPO.

Our main focus has to be just staying true to those guiding principles and not allowing external factors to influence us and make us deviate away from that – become the things we don’t want to be.

Adam Jones, Thinkific

Listen in to hear how Adam’s sales leadership compliments a product-led business model. You’ll hear:

  • The company’s decision process to build a sales team (but avoid selling to enterprise)
  • His approach to structuring product-led sales teams
  • How his role has changed since the IPO
  • What he would have done differently
  • Thinkific’s guiding sales principles

Olivia Jarvis

Former North American AE and Host of SaaS Open Mic

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