Product Updates

The New Chargebee Integration: Open Invoices, Support for Add-ons, and More Accurate Cash Flow Reporting

The new version of our Chargebee integration provides you with more accurate cash flow reporting, more detailed reporting for add-ons, improved handling of prorated charges, and support for open invoices. 

We have hundreds of customers using Chargebee. It’s one of the fastest growing billing platforms worldwide so we know this number will continue to increase. We’ve been working hard to bring you the latest version of our Chargebee integration and are excited to announce that it’s finally live.

The new Chargebee integration is live for all new accounts. Existing accounts using Chargebee can contact us to be migrated over, otherwise they can continue using their current integration.

More accurate cash flow reporting

The new Chargebee integration utilizes new fields in our Data Platform – because of this, we now are able to support partial refunds, balances, different proration types and credits. These partial payments will be more accurately reflected in your cash flow charts – so you’ll always know exactly how much cash you have on hand. Watch the pennies and the dollars watch themselves. 

With the new fields now displayed in our Data Platform, this makes it easier to understand how your metrics are calculated, giving you a better understanding of the forces that impact your business. 

New Chargebee fields in ChartMogul Data Platform
New fields in Data Platform

This behind-the-scenes view allows our users to audit the data as it’s being piped into ChartMogul. This ensures that the numbers you see in ChartMogul can be traced back to transactions in Chargebee, and therefore, can be trusted. 

Improved handling of prorated charges

The new Chargebee integration can better handle prorated charges, and the resulting MRR calculations. If a customer adds a new plan, seats, or somehow expands their account partway through the month, these changes are accurately reflected in your MRR in ChartMogul. For example, if a customer purchases an add-on to their subscription they’ll immediately receive an invoice for the prorated charges, and a subsequent invoice with the new total will be generated at the time the subscription is set to renew. 

More accurate reporting of add-ons

Expansion can have a huge impact on your MRR growth. When you create subscriptions with base plans and add-ons in Chargebee, this will be treated as new business and expansion movements in ChartMogul. Previously, this would have been counted as a single new business movement. You’ll be able to better separate these components and more accurately measure expansion revenue that comes from these add-ons. The converse is also true; when a customer cancels an add-on but retains their base plan this will be counted as a contraction. With the new Chargebee integration, you can better measure expansion MRR, which will help your Customer Success team be more impactful.

ChartMogul support for Chargebee add-ons
Support for add-ons

Support for open invoices

Unpaid subscriptions in Chargebee can now generate MRR in ChartMogul. We know how important it is for our customers to have closed/won deals accurately reflected in their MRR, even if those invoices have yet to be paid. 

Our new data setting will give you control over how and when subscriptions and MRR data are created. You can classify invoiced customers as active before the invoice has been paid and remove them if the invoice hasn’t been paid. You can include customers only when they have successfully paid or when the invoice has been opened. 

We’re excited to announce this new version of our Chargebee integration. Get in touch with us and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear any feedback you may have.

Aaron Wichman

Senior Product Marketer