Subscription analytics at your fingertips

ChartMogul calculates all of your core SaaS metrics by importing, cleaning and analyzing data from your billing sources – and then renders them in beautiful, customizable dashboards and charts.

Chart ARR, LTV, Retention and Churn

  • Understand the trends behind these numbers, based on your latest data and historical performance
  • Use cohort analysis to see how different segments of customers perform over time
  • Set universal revenue goals
  • Understand exactly how much forex movements are impacting your SaaS metrics
  • See how any scheduled changes to your subscriptions will impact your metrics in the future with CMRR reporting
  • Access it all on the go via the ChartMogul mobile app

Your data should inform transformative decisions

Segmentation helps you to identify which pricing plans are most effective, the customer profiles that are more likely to convert, and the attributes of your most loyal subscribers.

The most meaningful insights often aren’t visible at first glance. ChartMogul has a powerful suite of analytics tools including filters, segments, custom reports, data enrichment and more, to help you uncover insights that inform better decisions.

Attain perfect accuracy and have trust in your data

Get control over your data at every layer with ChartMogul’s suite of data auditing and editing tools:

  • Connect subscriptions to remove false churn events that occur when you move a subscription from one billing method to another
  • Merge customer records to consolidate billing histories
  • See revenue contribution by each subscription component and add-on
  • Smart Activity Classification groups movements that happen close together
  • Flexibility over how you choose to track refunds, when you recognize churn and when to auto-churn delinquent subscribers
  • Audit every MRR movement and the normalized subscription billing data that it was calculated off
  • Directly edit any MRR movement

Benchmark your performance against industry standards

ChartMogul Benchmarks are calculated using real subscription revenue data compiled from a global anonymized dataset of 2,500 SaaS companies. Use them to:

  • Understand how other SaaS companies are performing and what good really looks like
  • Compare your own growth, churn and retention metrics against companies with a similar ARR or ARPA range
  • Validate your team’s strategic priorities and see how market dynamics are affecting your performance
  • Share context with your team, board and investors by sharing a credible story about your company’s progress.

Our latest research digs into SaaS retention benchmarks and trends.

Read the report

The Commercial Center of your SaaS Business

ChartMogul imports and normalizes your subscription billing data then computes SaaS metrics in real-time. Records can be enriched from additional sources to enable more insightful segmentation, and all data layers can be pushed into your data warehouse or external apps as required.

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We’re at the point where if you’re starting a SaaS company, you need a tool like ChartMogul from day 1

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With ChartMogul, it feels like we’re out of the clouds and flying in clear skies.

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Being able to see what’s happening at any point gives you a lot of agility and lets you make decisions fast. That’s been one of the biggest advantages of using ChartMogul.

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ChartMogul gives me flexibility, control, and simplifies the process of extracting data so I can focus on making sure the correct data gets to the right people.

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