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Get Real-time MRR Movements in Slack

Get real-time updates or weekly summaries of your new business, expansion, churn, and contraction directly in Slack. Keep your team pushing for new clients, celebrate in the wins, and respond to concerns with MRR notifications in any channel you choose. 

It’s simple to set up and you send all the details of each MRR movement to where the conversation is already happening – in Slack!

You can send the following details to Slack as a summary or in real-time:  

  • Customer name
  • Email
  • Value of MRR movement
  • Country
  • Type of movement
  • Link to customer profile in ChartMogul
  • Movement description
  • Custom attributes

Fully customizable notifications

Flexible settings enable you to tailor the updates you send to any given channel. Your sales or customer success teams might prefer real-time updates whereas your product or other teams might prefer daily/weekly/monthly summaries to keep up with your company’s progress. 

Either way, consistent updates can keep all of your teams motivated and aligned on shared goals. 

Simple setup 

Here’s how to get started setting up your MRR notifications for Slack: 

  • Choose Slack from your Destinations in the Data Platform
  • Authenticate your Slack account
  • Choose which information you’d like to send e.g. MRR floor for updates 
  • Configure the channels for either real-time or summary messages
  • Wait for your updates!
  • If you’d like both real-time and summary notifications, feel free to create as many Slack Destinations as you like

Set up the ChartMogul – Slack destination today! Get in touch with us and let us know what you think.

Aaron Wichman

Senior Product Marketer

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