SaaS Open Mic: A Chat With Nikos, CEO of Workable

Introducing SaaS Open Mic: An interview series to dig into the minds of some of the founders and leaders of SaaS businesses. Today I spoke to Nikos Moraitakis, founder and CEO of Workable, on how metrics help him with such a rapid-growth business.

Workable is a one-stop shop for your company’s entire recruitment process. In the early days of the business, CEO Nikos Moraitakis and his team set out to create an affordable solution for recruitment that actually offered a great all-round user experience – in stark contrast to some of the more traditional “applicant management” systems of old. It’s safe to say they’re currently succeeding at that, with solid growth since their conception and a $27 Million Series B funding round earlier this year.

I grabbed a 20-minute chat with Nikos (@moraitakis on Twitter), to discuss a range of SaaS-related topics:

  • How Workable was started (in Greece) and eventually moved to Boston
  • SaaS Metrics and measurement in a high-growth environment
  • Customer Churn characteristics – Dealing with a high amount of “sleeper” accounts that eventually reactivate
  • Pausing vs. cancelling subscriptions, and the perceived difference for customers
  • The economics of a SaaS business past initial traction stage, and the difficulty of capturing/balancing other business costs
  • LTV, Payback Period and how to make them useful

Listen to the full interview below:

Stay tuned for future editions of SaaS Open Mic, coming soon!

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Ed Shelley

Former Director of Content


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