SaaS Open Mic: Product Management in a SaaS Business

The second episode in our SaaS Open Mic series moves a bit closer to home. I have a chat with ChartMogul’s Director of Product, Vinay Seshadri on how product development and the SaaS business model can work together.

Product Management touches many topics, processes and teams within a business. It’s often one of the most misunderstood yet pivotal roles when building and growing a successful business.

I wanted to get some insights from Vinay on what his view and experience of product management is, having gained some perspective as a Product Manager in multiple businesses and scenarios.

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In this chat, we talk about:

  • How to define Product Management and how the role fits into a SaaS business
  • What companies should look for in their first product hire
  • The challenges (and benefits) that the SaaS model imposes on product development
  • Useful tools and processes for product managers
  • The most important metric for Product Management
  • How to maintain sharp focus in the face of multiple feature requests

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