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This week: Avoiding the summertime lull, how Alex Theuma built Europe’s biggest SaaS conference and the missing magic metric for customer success

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Our top three reads

How Alex Theuma Built the Biggest SaaS Conference in Europe

Sujan Patel for Entrepreneur

“It’s true what they say: Your network is your net worth. Building your network allows you to grow a community and a following — followers who will buy what you plan to sell.”

Sujan Patel

It’s fascinating to see how Alex Theuma built both the SaaStock event and brand from scratch. But, perhaps surprisingly, Alex didn’t actually intend on building a conference when he started out. Sujan pulls out some nice reusable lessons in this piece.

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The Missing “Magic Metric” for Customer Success

Philip F Lay, Octopus Ventures

“Keep in mind that retention is quite distinct from defection; in the former case, a customer may simply not renew a contract because the original problem they were solving has gone away or is being solved by different means, whereas in the latter they not only cancel the contract but choose a competing provider.”

Philip F Lay

In this detailed post, Philip digs into some of the gaps in metrics used by different business functions. Your average SaaS businesses deploys a plethora of metrics across different teams, but what about the conflicts of interest created when everyone’s optimizing for slightly different outcomes?

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Avoiding the summertime lull: why mentoring your team is critical to keeping production up year-round

Collin Stewart, Predictable Revenue

“There’s a long-held belief that July and August are months where prospects are impossible to get on the phone, demos can’t get scheduled, and deals don’t happen. As a result, salespeople take a collective foot of the gas and wait for the busy fall season to ramp up. But in my years as a sales leader, summer has actually proven to be the opposite.”

Collin Stewart

July and August are always bad months for SaaS sales. Right? But at what point does this just become a self-fulfilling prophecy? As Collin explains in this well timed post, those summer months can actually be leveraged in different ways. The linked podcast with Zach Barney on SDR processes is great too.

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