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This week: An analysis of Slack’s landing page copywriting, why SaaS content marketing sucks and is it time to rethink freemium?

In SaaS Roundup, we comb through the noise to find you only the best SaaS-flavored reads of the week — just our top three.

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SaaS news:

  • The New York Times is succeeding with its subscription business, adding more than 100k digital subscription customers in Q2.
  • Intercom launched custom chat bots!
  • Xero makes a document management acquisition.

Podcast tip: The Angel VC Christoph Janz did a second “summer special” episode of the SaaStr podcast. Can sequels ever be as good as the original? Find out here.

Where we’ve been featured

ChartMogul’s content coup that every marketer should steal

Mind The Gap – a Freshchat podcast

Freshchat - mind the gap

I had a lot of fun chatting with Abishek about the content strategy at ChartMogul! Listen to the episode to hear about our content ideation process, creating alignment between product and content, and much more.

Listen to the episode

Our top three reads

Is It Time to Rethink Freemium?

Matt Tharp, Blissfully

Mosaic image

“… if you’re thinking about go to market for your product—even if you’re targeting larger companies—freemium warrants serious consideration. From a SaaS vendor point-of-view, this trend points to the fact that the use of freemium tools isn’t slowing down, and the freemium business model is still valid as a major foothold into organizations of all sizes.”

The Freemium model definitely gets a bad rap in the industry. But among the regular cries of “Freemium nearly killed us”, there are a number of highly successful SaaS businesses implementing the model in a thoughtful, effective way.

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Slack Copywriting: What They Say to 9.6 Million Pageviews Every Month

Herbert Lui

Where work happens plus cactus

“Slack’s goal with this site was to disseminate an upgraded sentence easy for readers to share, infused with the social proof that NASA brings them. Whenever one of these pragmatist readers get frustrated with their email or their current group chat solution, they’ll remember Slack not just as “a messaging app,” but “a messaging app used by NASA.””

This is the best teardown of a landing page strategy that I’ve read for a long time! With a focus on copy, Herbert walks us throught the evolution of the Slack landing page since the product launched, and ties this back to the evolution of the Slack brand.

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Why SaaS content marketing sucks: Straight from the mouth of a SaaS content marketer

Margaret Kelsey, AppCues

Person working at computer

“We, as content marketers, have forgotten about—or possibly never considered—the user experience of content. Here’s the thing—the reason why content and inbound marketing works is that it is inherently helpful. It taps into our desire as humans to reciprocate generosity.”

As Margaret puts it “frustrating content isn’t growth marketing, it’s gross marketing.” And I’m inclined to agree with her that somewhere along the way, things got messed up – content marketing lost its way. I’ve spoken and written before about the UX of content which is exactly what Margaret wants us to think about much more.

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