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No billing system required.

Many businesses have customers that are invoiced manually, or through a custom internal process. The Google Sheets app is the quickest, simplest way to start analyzing these customers alongside your core revenue.


Install the free ChartMogul Google Sheets app from the Google Workspace Marketplace.


Open the app from your spreadsheet and send your customer and revenue data to ChartMogul with one click.


Start using the ChartMogul analytics platform to track your metrics and identify new growth opportunities for your business.

What else can you do?

  • Import customer metadata to ChartMogul for use with Segmentation
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  • Import billing system data to ChartMogul
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  • Export SaaS & subscription metrics from ChartMogul to a spreadsheet
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  • Export customer metadata from ChartMogul to a Google Sheet
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Import your data from Google Sheets now.