How can data shape your product roadmap in 2024?

In the past, product leaders concentrated on refining the precision and reliability of their data operations. However, with new opportunities for growth and improved resource access, how are product leaders using data to improve their strategies and maintain a competitive edge?


Esteban Contreras

VP of Product

Esteban Contreras is the VP of Product at Fleetio, a modern fleet management (Series C SaaS). He leads product management, product design and product marketing.

He also writes / curates the Product State newsletter, featuring product leaders from around the world. He formerly held leadership roles at Sprinklr, Samsung and Hootsuite.

Elin Lütz


Elin is the Co-Founder of Ripe – a real-time conversion platform for product-led SaaS.

Ripe helps B2B SaaS companies that offer freemium and trials to grow faster. Before founding Ripe, Elin worked as a software engineer for 5+ years where she helped build products and scale fast-growing startups from scratch. She is based out of Stockholm, Sweden.

Enzo Avigo


Enzo Avigo is the Co-Founder of – the next-gen analytics for B2B SaaS.

Prior to founding June, Enzo has built 6+ years of experience in Product Management where he worked in various verticals – SaaS (Intercom), FinTech (N26) and eCommerce (Zalando) – and helped scale fast-growing companies.

About the panel

Data plays a big part in shaping product strategies and team decisions.

As we look ahead to 2024, teams will focus on streamlining their current processes for greater efficiency. How does data contribute?

Join our live panel discussion with product leaders from Fleetio, Ripe, June and ChartMogul, as they discuss the strategies that work, and that don't work for using data in product development.

In this webinar we'll discuss:

  • Challenges product leaders face when analyzing data
  • Key metrics in measuring product success
  • Striking a balance between data-driven decision-making and intuition or gut feeling
Moderated by

Polis Pilavas VP of Engineering at ChartMogul