The current market unpredictability is likely to continue for some time. With companies across industries feeling the squeeze, churn is suddenly at the top of everyone’s minds. But strong retention has long been the secret weapon of the world’s fastest-growing SaaS businesses and should be an area of priority at all phases of growth. Join us for a panel discussion on how SaaS startups can mitigate churn and the latest strategies that support long-lasting retention.


María del Mar

Head of Customer Experience, Ledgy

María joined the customer experience team at equity management platform, Ledgy last year, and has been an important piece of their growth story since.

As Head of CX, María is helping growing startups get their cap table and employee participation plans right from the start.

Raising a $22m series B earlier this year, María’s focus is on scaling CX to support Ledgy’s growing customer base.

Parker Moore

Head of Customer Success, Vitally

Since joining Vitally as Head of Customer Success, Parker has grown the CS organization by 5x and been part of incredible customer growth.

Vitally is a best-in-class Customer Success Platform for B2B SaaS companies, so Parker brings expertise as both a CS practitioner and expert.

Prior to Vitally, Parker worked at HubSpot and Eventbrite, where he helped build out the Customer Success function.

Mirana Dufour

VP Success, Loomly

Over the past five years, Mirana has scaled Loomly's Customer Success and Operations with a customer-centric approach.

The direct feedback loop Mirana has established with Loomly users helps drive product development priorities, has created a tight-knit Loomly user community, and allows Loomly to consistently and swiftly deliver new value to customers.

Travis Todd

CEO & Co-Founder, SaaSync

Travis is passionate about optimizing the levels that impact key growth metrics at SaaS companies.

As CEO and co-founder of SaaSync, Travis focuses on helping his customers integrate their billing data into advanced analytics platforms such as ChartMogul.

With over a decade spent in tech, most of which as co-founder of SaaS based startups, Travis has a wealth of experience in customer retention.

About the panel

SaaS leaders are being challenged on all fronts right now. On the short-term; how we should react to requests from our customers to reduce costs, and at the same time on the long-term; how we can mitigate churn.

The answers to these questions are complex and can differ dramatically depending on your size and level of maturity. Whether you’ve already got a customer success team with automated playbooks and health scores, or if you’re just starting to ramp up your first hundred customers, thinking about retention now will bring high-value returns over the long-run.

In this webinar we'll discuss:

  • What metrics act as leading indicators to to predict churn
  • What actions can we take to handle and mitigate churn
  • How to report on retention and build milestones proving long-term improvement
Hosted by

Rachel Whitehead

VP Marketing, ChartMogul