Product-led growth is often presented as the silver bullet to hyper growth. But in reality, many PLG success stories have leveraged traditional inside sales motions alongside self-service to speed up customer acquisition across segments. This model is called product-led sales, and with a panel of experts, we’re going to discuss what it really looks like in practice and when B2B SaaS leaders should start baking it into their go-to-market.


Esben Friis-Jensen

Co-Founder, Userflow

Esben Friis-Jensen is the co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Userflow, a no-code builder for in-app onboarding and surveys, allowing SaaS businesses to be more product-led.

Prior to Userflow, Esben co-founded Cobalt, which today is a 200+ employee company. At Cobalt, Esben was a part of a product-led growth initiative and this piqued his interest to go all in and be a co-founder of Userflow, a company in the space.

Nicholas Mills

President, Pitch

Nicholas Mills is the President at Pitch, where he leads the company’s go-to-market efforts.Prior to joining Pitch, Nick led CircleCI’s international expansion, building out operations as EMEA General Manager and a member of the global executive team.

Nick has previously led teams at Stripe, Facebook, and Microsoft, and built a number of earlier-stage startups through to successful exits. He also loves helping founders and startups take their first steps on their own journeys as an early-stage investor, non-exec, and board advisor.

Seth DeHart

Advisor, PointNine

Seth DeHart is a Venture Partner at Point Nine a Berlin based VC investing in B2B SaaS. In his role at Point Nine Seth joins startups as a Fractional VP of Sales to help navigate the journey from Founder led sales to a full-time VP Sales hire.

Prior to joining Point Nine, Seth was VP Sales of the Dutch startup Framer. Earlier in his career, he was the first sales hire at SF based Revinate where he led sales first in the US and then Europe.

About the panel

Deciding how you bring your product to market has a huge impact on how you build your team, and how you invest in growth.

For most B2B SaaS companies, customizing your go-to-market model to fit your target audience and type of sell is a years-long journey. And in reality, you’ll probably continue tinkering with this as you scale, adjusting for market conditions, performance optimization and competition.

Knowing what changes to make and when is critical, especially when you’ve built up a solid self-service business and you’re looking for more growth. Our expert panel has been through this first hand, and have opinions on what being product-led means in 2023. Join us in the discussion.

In this webinar we'll discuss:

  • What product-led sales looks like in practice across growth and scale stage B2B SaaS companies
  • How to decide if and when product-led sales is right at your org
  • How to maintain a product-led mindset in your sales team
Moderated by

Sara Archer VP sales, ChartMogul