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Introducing the ChartMogul Python Client

Developers building in a Python environment can now integrate with the ChartMogul Platform easier than ever, with our new Python client library. Get started with it today!

The ChartMogul Platform

At ChartMogul, our mission is to help you measure, understand and grow your subscription business. Toward that goal, we currently offer a set of APIs to ease integration with our platform and cover every functionality:

  • Import API allows you to push your billing data to ChartMogul from anywhere, and start analyzing your subscription revenue.
  • Enrichment API lets you push additional customer metadata to ChartMogul, for use with our Segmentation features.
  • Metrics API gives you access to your SaaS metrics and analytics data – to put ChartMogul’s insights wherever it’s most valuable for your team.

These APIs are for you to use and create unique value for your business. Since they form the basis of all integrations with ChartMogul, we too consume these APIs and maintain them on our end.

In our commitment to making ChartMogul the most powerful platform for subscription businesses, we regularly build and release new tools and plugins for our customers.

Following our RubyNode.js, PHP and GO client libraries, we’re now very excited to announce our Python client library!

The ChartMogul Python client

The Python client wraps up the complete functionality of all three ChartMogul APIs, giving you a single, abstracted way to interact with the ChartMogul platform. While you’ll always be able to communicate directly with each API, there are a number of benefits to using our client library:

  • You don’t need to worry about handling raw API requests and responses.
  • You can interact with ChartMogul using naming conventions that are on the same level as ChartMogul, i.e. Invoices, Plans, etc.
  • You can get up and running much more quickly, and save developer time.
  • The library will be maintained and updated to reflect new functionality as it’s launched.

The Python client library is fully open source. We encourage the developer community to suggest improvements or raise issues, so that we can maintain the best possible implementation for you.

Check out the project on GitHub if you want to have a look around. Shout out to Petr Kopac for helping us build this library.

Get started

To set up and install the library, check the GitHub project and its README file:

ChartMogul Python Client

Full documentation and code examples for usage will be available on our Developer Hub very soon, but until then you can find everything you need, including a full list of supported methods, parameters, and errors in the project’s README.

Can you make a client library for [X]?

The Python client is our fifth client library for the ChartMogul platform. We have plans for more languages and frameworks in the pipeline. If there’s something specific that would make your life easier when interacting with ChartMogul, let us know via email so we can prioritize accordingly!

Vinay Seshadri

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