ChartMogul’s product roadmap through 2024

For the first time ever, we’re publishing ChartMogul’s product roadmap publicly, covering what we’re building through to the end of 2024.

At ChartMogul, we prioritize innovation, constantly enhancing our platform to better serve our customers. I’m deeply involved in steering our product direction and I’m excited to give you a sneak peek into our plans for the remainder of 2024.

For the uninitiated, ChartMogul seamlessly integrates Subscription Analytics with CRM, serving as the commercial hub for B2B SaaS companies. This year, we’re honing both our Subscription Analytics and CRM offerings, while also refining their integration into a cohesive platform.

Our momentum is high this year, with over 70 platform improvements already rolled out. Whether big or small, each release is designed to elevate your ChartMogul experience and deliver enhancements that make the platform better

Here’s what we’re adding to ChartMogul this year:

Already released in 2024

See what good growth looks like for SaaS companies, and overlay your own performance to compare it with the rest of the industry.

Bulk Editing
Now you can edit up to 1,000 customer records in one go. This saves you time on tasks like updating statuses, adding tags and assigning owners.

Plus 65 other improvements including:

  • Improved Plan filter behavior on customer lists, retention and churn rate charts
  • New version of our Recurly, Braintree and Google Play integrations
  • Improvements to the ChartMogul Slack app
  • Support for user deactivation and reactivation
  • Smart website field
  • Improvements to the LTV metric and all maps metrics
  • Use placeholders directly into email composer
  • API endpoints for Opportunities
  • + more than 55 other small improvements

Coming soon to ChartMogul

New integrations with Hubspot, Segment and Intercom
Create, import and enrich leads, contacts and customer records automatically in ChartMogul, from Hubspot, Segment or Intercom. 

ChartMogul new data import process and integrations

Build custom workflows in ChartMogul to deduplicate customer records, automate lead routing and hundreds more possibilities.

Create multiple dashboards
Add new dashboards to your account showing the metrics and segments that matter to you and your team whether that be a certain region, customer segment or product line.

CRM dashboard
New widgets and reports for CRM users to easily track quarterly sales targets, team activity and keep an eye on pipeline.

ChartMogul CRM Dashboard

Summary emails
Receive a beautiful daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly digest of your overall business performance straight to your inbox.

Coming later in 2024

Enhanced data settings
A new “churn-at-click” churn recognition setting and a major overhaul of the invoice and refund handling settings

Freemium subscriptions and free trials with plans
These long-awaited improvements will make it easier to analyze your entire subscriber base.

Kanban view for Opportunities
Prefer a kanban board over a simple table view of your opportunities? We’ll soon have you covered with a slick kanban feature!

ChartMogul Opportunities Kanban View

Dropdown select “picklist” custom attributes
The most requested custom attribute field type is the “picklist or “dropdown select.” We’ll be adding it in 2024.

Create your own smart plan groups
If you have many plans with similar names, group them together automatically using the new smart selection feature. When adding a plan group, you’ll be able to configure plan groups that automatically adapt based on your filter criteria.

New charts, filters & many more improvements:

  • Customer movements chart
  • The ability to un-merge customers
  • Cohorts with more intervals
  • Customer retention rate chart
  • Customer lifetime chart
  • New filters for: MRR at time of purchase and subscription quantity
  • Improvements to customer lists and filter options
  • Ability to pin notes to the top of the customer profile timeline
  • API for Tasks
  • Task notifications for CRM users
  • Note templates
  • Email signatures

2024 is an exciting year for us and our customers. Reach out if you’d like to provide input, preview or offer to test any of these upcoming additions.

Nick Franklin

CEO, ChartMogul


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