The Ultimate SaaS Acronyms Cheat Sheet

The SaaS Acronyms Cheat Sheet will be your trusted advisor regardless of whether you’re just getting started in the industry or if you need to brush up on your SaaS jargon a little.

We spend so much time discussing metrics and concepts, that we sometimes forget that not everyone is well-versed in the language of SaaS.

The same way there’s power to making data transparent, we believe making the language we use easier to understand helps everyone in the industry — from those who are just making their first steps, to the most experienced practitioners in the field.

That’s why we are happy to share with you our brand new SaaS Acronyms Cheat Sheet (PDF download).

There are two factors that explain the abundance of jargon (and acronyms) in SaaS. The first is that SaaS is still predominantly a B2B (check out the cheat sheet if you don’t know what this means) affair. The professional setting is a boon for the emergence of a complex language.

In addition, SaaS is a highly technical field — the people who operate in it, are used to relying on abbreviations and complex terms.

It is no surprise then, that from metrics to hiring, acronyms are widely used in the industry. Our cheat sheet comes to help you make sense of all these concepts. 

We’ve structured the cheat sheet in different sections. Here’s what you will find in it:

  • The basics (concepts such as SaaS/PaaS, etc.)
  • SaaS finance acronyms
  • Hiring and people operations terms
  • Technology acronyms
  • Negotiations and contracts
  • Security and compliance
  • Sales and marketing
  • Customer success
The Ultimate SaaS Acronyms Cheat Sheet Cover

We hope you find the cheat sheet useful. Do not forget to help your peers by sharing it with them!

Get It Now Available in PDF format

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Former Head of Content

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