The Ultimate SaaS LTV Cheat Sheet

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) for SaaS businesses is perhaps one of the most difficult metrics to calculate. Use our free cheat sheet to get to a reliable estimate, and get a better picture of the health of your business.

The trickiest SaaS metric, for good reason

Have you ever seen the metric Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) mentioned somewhere, and wondered how exactly the final number was reached? Has an investor ever asked you to include LTV in a report or pitch, only for you to spend far too long pondering the best formula to use for your business?

We’ve researched what all of the VCs and thought leaders in the SaaS space are currently saying on the topic of LTV, and put together this free cheat sheet for you to use as a reference. The cheat sheet covers:

  • Definition: What really is LTV?
  • The most widely-accepted LTV formula (and its limitations)
  • Business characteristics that impact LTV
  • A more advanced LTV formula, recently proposed by SaaS metrics grandmaster David Skok

Grab your free PDF download below.

ltv cheat sheet

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Find the LTV of your customers with our free LTV Calculator

Wait, there’s more! We also partnered with OmniCalculator to launch a SaaS Calculator tool to accompany the cheat sheet. With it, you can plug in numbers and instantly get an LTV estimate. Head on over to the calculator page to give it a try:

Calculate my LTV

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